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Issue Three: Concrete Hours

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Image of Issue Three: Concrete Hours

Cold air splinters your spine, as you keep on walking. Dogs bark, street light tusks fold over the sky casting long, forlorn shadows. It’s a stark town, is our’s – but where there are people, there is warmth. As the Concrete Hours collide, every wall is evergreen with creative potential.

Enter with us as some of our favourite artists draw from this visceral grit theme. Matt Martin, Marc Vallée and Cole Flynn Quirke photograph London from different sides of the brickwork, while Steph Dutton, John Strover and Alfie Wheatley make collages from it.

Creating a contrast from the rest of the zine, we got to know some of music’s most exciting acts. Go on tour with Little Dragon, spend Tuesdays at Puma Blue’s house, while Gorillaz’ 2D chats about Tokyo and jail.

Gorillaz, Little Dragon, Willie J Healey, Cuco, Speedy Ortiz, Pill, Puma Blue, Lice

Music photographers:
Gered Mankowitz, Holly Whitaker

Steph Dutton, John Strover, Alfie Wheatley, James Christopher, Jake Hollings, Darren Shaddick, Joseph Grahame

Matt Martin, Ben Wrigglesworth, Fiona Smallshaw, Marc Vallée, Joe Goicoechea
Cole Flynn Quirke, Caoimhe Hahn, Eoghan Barra, Gered Mankowitz

84 pages
Lithograph printed on uncoated paper

Cool Brother is a free self-published youth culture zine based in London, England. If you live outside of London and would like to purchase a copy, please do so here. We will only charge you for postage.