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Issue Four: The Bad Stuff

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You've got it bad – but that's good.

​The Bad Stuff, drugs. The Bad Stuff, cigarettes. The Bad Stuff, he puts trouble in your eyes. It comes in many forms. Lurking in tender morsel minutes, The Bad Stuff is everywhere. It’s in our very being. Make art from it, though, and you’re onto something good. 

We asked some of our favourite creatives to explore this theme. Tim Head, SJ Hockett and Kate Walton offer loose ended interpretation with collage, scans and digital design, while Adam Connett and Mike Spears capture moments on film. Their work is raw. Photographing loves, lives, greed and those who’ve broken free, they tread thinly through fear and euphoria.

Creating a contrast from the rest of the zine, we got to know some of music’s most exciting acts. Go on tour with The Orielles, spend Tuesdays at The Drums’ house, while A Certain Ratio chat starting out in the ‘70s with Joy Division and The Fall. 

The Drums, The Orielles, Sports Team, Anteros, Ugly, Squid, Paint, A Certain Ratio

Music photographers: 
Chloe Ackers, Terrence Blakely, Rowan Allen

Tim Head, Mike Spears, SJ Hockett, Max Marshall, Juliet Klottrup, Adam Connett, Dan Whitehouse, Daniel Gonzalez, Kate Walton

84 pages 
Lithograph printed on uncoated paper​