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Issue Two: Easy Easy

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Image of Issue Two: Easy Easy

A splinter thin crack in time, land of the nourished and free.

​Easy Easy is that rare golden minute where the softness of air tucks you in. You’ve hit nectar. What’s around quiets down to a pattering hum. It’s when you’re at your most creative. Weightlessly drifting like butter on a hot New York street, everything flows.

Explore this issue’s Easy Easy theme with photography and illustrations by some of our favourite artists. Matt Correia, Cameron Hoerth and Sadie Bailey shoot pictures of friends, L.A. and small town subcultures, while SJ Hockett and Zoran Pungerčar draw abstract expressions of nothing in particular. Speedy, seedy, grainy and pure, they sweep up moments as they happen. Buried within their morsel creations are starchy rich meals of youth and candour.

Creating a contrast from the rest of the zine, we got to know some of music’s most exciting acts. Go on tour with Rhye and have coffee at Ben Waller’s house, while Courtney Barnett chats about childhood.

Allah-Las, Ben Wallers, Tangerines, Courtney Barnett, Radiant Children, Charles Watson, Rhye

John Strover, SJ Hockett, Zac Crocker, Benn Jackson, Jack Richards, Zoran Pungerčar

Baron Wolman, Adria Robles, Matt Correia, Sadie Bailey, Michael Townsend, Callum Bailey, Daniel Gonzalez, Cameron Hoerth, Kuba Trzciński, Amy Lidgett, Caoimhe Hahn

92 pages
Lithograph printed on uncoated paper

Cool Brother is a free self-published youth culture zine distributed around London, England. If you live outside of London and would like to purchase a copy, please do so here. We will only charge you for postage.